Welcome to Tayat

Tayat Counseling was founded with the mission of creating a therapeutic space that is comfortable, warm, compassionate, and free of judgment. Our goal is to work with individuals (adolescents and young adults), couples and families to challenge negative beliefs, patterns, maladaptive coping skills, along with other difficult cycles that may have appeared throughout the course of life.

Tayat works with youth, young adults and families to create goals and treatment plans that will lead to healthier ways of living and utilize productive coping mechanisms. We understand that the teen and young adult years are particularly vulnerable times and that you may think, feel and act in ways that are confusing or concerning to your loved ones and yourselves. At Tayat we aim to empower you to gain insight and make changes that will stop unhelpful patterns while tackling the issues of these challenging times with a newfound self- awareness and confidence.

If you have been struggling with anxiety, depression, grief, loneliness, trauma-related difficulties, relationship issues, chronic stress, feeling stuck, low self-confidence, or any of the other areas we treat or specialize in, and are ready to take the first step into living a healthier life, please fill out our contact form, call us at (612) 305 – 8225 or email barb@tayatmpls.com for more information on our services and availability.

Tayat is conveniently located in Minnetonka off of 394 and Hopkins Crossroads.